BrainyBro.Com-Easy Solution to Complicated Problems

A part of our job is to provide review of websites. Today we are going to review, website of a custom software development company, with its headquarters located in Bay Area.

BrainyBro.Com-Easy Solution to Complicated Problems

As with all the websites providing software solutions and IT services, there is one key element that determines its effectiveness. That is description of complicated and technical terms in a simple way that is comprehendible even to a layman. It will not be wrong to say that effectively manages to do so.

Brainybro Review: Simple & Clean

The most significant feature of is its clean, simple design and lay out that makes every visitor comfortable at the very first sight. Front page contains very less text, even though one could find all the basic information there. The text is written in a very simple manner. This simplicity of text and consistency of format runs almost throughout the website. Even though, xx won’t mind a slighter bigger font of the text on the inside pages.

The colour combination has also got xx full marks. While the combination of white and grey makes it very easy for the reader to read the text,maroonadds a dash of colour to the otherwise simple layout.

Just the Right Amount

While some other software development website may like to add more graphics to attract or perhaps mislead the visitors, at just the right amount of graphics have been used. They are also few and fast loading. This minimization has also cut-down the loading time. That helps stands out among the rest.

Navigation Made Easy

Another reason xx like is the fact that navigation is made simple. All the links have been divided into two sections. The mast of contains links that address most of the questions faced by users visiting a clinical data management or software development company, while at the end one can find detailed links. Xx would suggest to cut down some of them as they are already added at the top.

All in all is simple and easy to use.
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