OISE Should Be Concerned About the Welfare of Its Students and Staff

OISE has all the nice marketing gimmicks for a major educational teaching franchise. It has 40 years plus of teaching intensive language study but there are many issues that need to be addressed if the school is to be taken seriously as a teaching facility. OISE Young Learners in Binsey Lane, Oxford is a classic example of how the franchise has management issues.

Students here are ill abused and mistreated, staff is demoralized and exploited. Its workers live in squalor and it is embarrassing to be associated with the school. The school targets students from countries around the world which do not have English as a native or first language. As a result, there is little impact that the school can make because excellence isn’t built on forfeiture.

The hostels that their students live in are just derelict shambles and these have not been repaired, probably since they were built or bought. In a city that has faced severe backlash this past year due to its lack of updated building code and a fire that claimed numerous lives, OISE still has the gull to let young children stay in unsafe places. What happens if we are not able to act in time to save them from a tragedy?

The school provides such a confined space for learning and the only thing that’s good with it is the fact that it has great staff from all over the world. Also, why are Russians such a dominant presence in the school and its environment? The school has an ‘indigenous’ air in its marketing gimmicks but the same cannot be said about its actuality. Maybe the school is not really English authentic and they are just looking to exploit folks from countries which need their children to learn English.

Why do OISE charge so much? If they were really learner-goal instead of profit-oriented, they would have invested in facilities and great learning spaces for children. Their teachers are mostly decent but imagine how demoralised they may be knowing how children live. Also, going by the negative reviews, teachers are paid peanuts considering the school charges an arm and a leg for their services. While a child may be charged an average 90 dollars an hour for teaching, a teacher may be paid 15 dollars per hour taught. Imagine a 20-student class getting 1800 dollars an hour. The teacher is paid 15 bucks. Those kinds of profit margins over a week can pay teachers decently at salary rates instead of hourly wages. They are also able to build better hostels instead of just upgrading the current infrastructure.

Their teachers have been vastly accused of not being professional enough in some quarters although this can be blamed on their love for profit. OISE has been operating for over 40 years, but this kind of operational behaviour should not be expected from a school selling quality educational services for decades.