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Assignments are an integral element of academic life, and cannot be simply wished away. The only problem is that producing them requires long hours of library research, coupled with a meticulous structuring of the outcomes. This can be stressful, particularly for students who lack the time or skills to complete the processes involved. For instance, given the hard economic times, students are increasingly finding that they need to combine work and study. Others have their time limited by personal circumstances such as illness and single motherhood. Whether you lack the time due to these reasons or just because your paper has been issued too close to the deadline, it helps to find urgent ways to complete your assignment without excuses. In my case, academic writing services like have emerged as a practical solution to such problems. However, before you rush on to place an order, read this review to understand whether the service meets your expectations and to learn from my experiences.

Choose Payforessay for Your Assignment Needs?

Custom paper writing demands working with services that prioritize originality, and which have measures in place to ensure that your paper will be produced from scratch. Simply going online and choosing as service through random selection can leave you with regrets. You need to consider various attributes that typify top writing services, including:

  • Affordable pricing
  • A broad range of services
  • Outstanding customer support
  • On-time delivery
  • Strong guarantees
  • A functional and appealing website

In this review, I explore the attributes that enhanced my experience with writing service.

Fair Pricing Without Compromising On QualityPay for Essay Review

In my consideration, the first, and arguably most important, issue to consider for this Payforessay review is pricing. This is one of the most important factors influencing the decision on which service to with. Students like me are not particularly loaded with cash and choosing an affordable option is a priority. However, this need must be tempered by the requirement for quality and originality. It helps to recognize that the amount of research, writing, and proofreading that goes into producing a stellar paper often requires commensurate compensation. In other words, I try to avoid offers that too low, as this could be low quality, plagiarized or scam. While the prices applied by this writing company are not extremely low, they are still relatively affordable compared to the rest of the market. In my view, while the lack of a progressive pricing system can be quite confusing, particularly for first-timers, it does not take away from the fact that the price range of between $11.30 to $44.95 per page (depending on order complexity and time available) is quite manageable. Even better, I liked that the service accepts payment through various debit and credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal.

 Impressive Offers and Discounts

This Payforessay review cannot be said to be comprehensive if we fail to look at what the company offers in terms of discounts and bonuses. While I could not bonuses highlighted on the company website, customers are given a refer-a-friend discount. In this deal, you get discounts on your orders if you use a referral or bring another customer. I noted some impressive features like free multiple revisions and control over the writing process. My paper has some typos at first, but I managed to get the writer to revise it. The final draft was spectacular. Students can also pick top writers for their assignments, and can make their orders a high priority. All these are aimed at making sure that you get a quality paper delivered within the agreed time.

Usability of the Website and a Decent Range of Services

The company website is the very first (and possibly only) point of contact with the customer. It is where the customer gets to see what is on offer. A good website aims at combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. I can say that the website of this company is somewhat average, although it is commendable how the design combines texts and images to guide the user through the various offers. There is also a wide range of services on offer, from which I picked a research proposal.

Is the Customer Support Fast Enough?

To me, an important element of the Payforessay review is the speed and effectiveness of the customer support responses. I need to feel that their questions are addressed as soon as possible and that the answers given are enough to resolve the issue. For this company, a simple text to the support team reveals just what they mean by a responsive 24/7 customer service. Even without signing up, I was able to access the instant chat. The customer service agents can also be reached through their toll-free number.

Guarantees, Delivery, and Quality on Orders

I think guarantees are the most important element for any writing service. It was not about getting my paper on time, but also obtaining a paper that has been thoroughly researched and properly written. From the samples available on the websites, the quality of work is commendable. The company claims to take their writers through strict vetting procedures to ensure competence, something that is evident by looking at the samples. I, however, need to caution that even the best writers can sometimes make mistakes. This is why the offer for free multiple revisions was so crucial to me. This provision allows discontented customers to keep collaborating with their writers toward perfecting the draft.

Overall, with comparatively low prices and a responsive customer support team, this, to me, is definitely a legitimate company. I would advise anyone who needs ‘write my essay’ services that this is one of the companies to consider.

I found the pricing quite fair given the well-researched and accurately referenced paper delivered. You should consider placing an order to see just what I mean

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